I'm David Laing. I write this blog primarily to give more life to ideas that I think are underappreciated, often on the topics of communication, research, habits, learning, and personal effectiveness.

I'm a senior data scientist at Imbellus, a venture-backed startup that is building cognitive assessments for the 21st century.

Recent posts

Tidy up and make a mess

An underappreciated benefit of habitually tidying up is that it gives you more confidence to make useful messes. »

Summary: Crony Beliefs (Kevin Simler)

When looking to fill a position, you might hire someone because they would do a great job. Or you might hire them because they're the mayor's nephew, and pleasing the mayor will be good for business. In the latter case, you have hired a *crony*—a person who is there to provide social rather than pragmatic value. Your beliefs about the world can be divided analogously. »