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Most viewed essays of 2019

If you’re good, you need to talk more

An essay about the virtue of openness.

The personal PhD

I think people who are drawn to PhD programs should consider whether they can assemble the key ingredients on their own.

Most viewed posts of 2018

Size-constrained gradient descent and the Cauchy-Schwarz inequality, explained step-by-step

Walkthrough of a practice problem in Michael Nielsen’s book, Neural Networks and Deep Learning.

Most viewed posts of 2017

Communication in data science: more than just the final report

Reflections on a course I taught in the Master of Data Science program at UBC.

KendRick LamaR

An exploratory analysis of data about Kendrick Lamar’s music, pulled from Spotify and Genius.

Most viewed posts of 2016

Summary: The Righteous Mind

My 4500-word, chapter-by-chapter summary of Jonathan Haidt’s book on moral reasoning.

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