Books I read in 2021


Skimmed, sampled from, or abandoned

  • Paul Bloom, How Pleasure Works (2010)
  • Ben Carlson, A Wealth of Common Sense (2015)
  • Ron Chernow, Titan: The Life of John D. Rockefeller, Sr. (1998)
  • Ray Dalio, Principles: Life & Work (2017)
  • Angela Duckworth, Grit (2016)
  • Charles Ellis, Winning the Loser’s Game (8th edition) (2021)
  • Joshua B. Freeman, Behemoth: A History of the Factory and the Making of the Modern World (2018)
  • Morgan Housel, The Psychology of Money (2020)
  • Douglas Hubbard, How to Measure Anything: Finding the Value of Intangibles in Business (3rd edition) (2014)
  • Burton G. Malkiel, A Random Walk Down Wall Street (12th edition) (2019)
  • Amanda H. Podany, Ancient Mesopotamia (2018)
  • Richard Prum, The Evolution of Beauty: How Darwin’s Forgotten Theory of Mate Choice Shapes the Animal World—And Us (2017)
  • Keith Stanovich et al., The Rationality Quotient (2016)

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