The inner game of chess

1. Use your opponent’s time for strategizing; use your own time for tactics.

2. Don’t try to psych your opponent out by playing really fast. It might work, but only on weak players, and either way you’ll lose an opportunity to learn.

3. Don’t get too hung up on your Elo rating. Play chess (the game), not Elo (the meta-game).

4. If you’re on a losing streak, take a break. Don’t play rage-chess. I don’t always follow this advice myself…

5. If someone tries to taunt you or insult you in the chat, do your best to ignore it and just play your game. Should go without saying, but don’t taunt others.

6. Unless you’re Magnus Carlsen, don’t take any of this too seriously. (Easier said than done! My favourite chess quote: “Every chess player should have a hobby.”)

7. Don’t copy your opponent’s moves. If someone does this to you, don’t get psyched out; after all, it means your opponent is letting you do their thinking for them. Just look for your opportunity.

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