Mind positivity

Self-love messaging generally focuses on the body, but surely there are many people (like me) who are more insecure about their minds. Imagine the rallying cries of a mind positivity movement:

  • You are smart!
  • You are funny!
  • You are creative!
  • You are insightful!

The metaphor can be extended further:

  • Excessive studying as a ‘reading disorder’
  • Shitposting as taking no-filter mind-selfies
  • faux-casualness wrt punctuation & capitalization as #iWokeUpLikeThis
  • Lurkers as people who are too ashamed of their physique to show themselves at the gym
  • Universities, Twitter, Great Books as things that promote unrealistic intelligence standards
  • The Theory of Multiple Intelligences as the Dove Real Beauty Campaign (in terms of moral messaging)
  • Second-brainism as calorie-counting (in terms of incessant metacognition about what you’re consuming)
  • High-end online courses as Peloton—embarrassingly bougie, probably unnecessary, but might actually work
  • Mind-dysmorphia: the unshakeable belief that some part of your mind is inadequate (otherwise known as impostor syndrome)

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