My recurring tasks

Published 2021-05-10



  • Set quarterly goals


  • Log progress on quarterly goals
  • Add new goals for the remaining quarter, if appropriate
  • Save any sentimental photos from Messenger/Whatsapp/etc to Google Photos
  • Write bullet-point list of memorable experiences from the month
  • Update books I’ve read
  • Update movies on Letterboxd
  • Create a monthly favourite songs playlist on Spotify


  • Clean desk
  • Vacuum apartment
  • Mop kitchen floor (every other week)
  • Archive any important files in my Downloads folder, and move the rest to the Trash
  • Move all files from my Desktop folder to Downloads
  • Clear out my email inbox
  • Block off focus time in my work calendar during productive hours
  • Consider whether any events or appointments should be cancelled or rescheduled
  • Assign tasks, with time estimates, to each day


  • Plan my day
  • Study flashcards
  • Write flashcards
  • Push one commit to website
  • Exercises
    • 10 pushups
    • 10 shoulder presses
    • 10 bicep curls
    • 10 goblet squats


  • Practice specific songs on the piano that I want to be able to play forever

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