Things I want that don't exist

A rolling-window habit tracker with fine-grained targets and a built-in to-do list

Inspired by Andy Matuschak’s post, I want something like a mix between Beeminder (but with a nicer UI) and Todoist.

IFNTTNT: If-Not-This-Then-Not-That

An app that allows you to do certain things on your smartphone only if certain conditions are met. Say you want to spend less time looking at Instagram and more time messaging reaching out to old friends who live in other cities. The app would allow you to go on Instagram only if you’ve messaged one of those friends in the past 30 minutes. Rather than if-this-then-that, it would be if-not-this-then-not-that.

Another example usage: force me to write a daily to-do list (or satisfy some other condition) in order to fully unlock my phone in the morning.

Goodreads <-> public library account

Connect Goodreads account to public library account; see which items on your “to read” list are currently available at your local branch.

A better tool for online medical self-diagnosis

You can associate symptoms with potential conditions, but it’s hard to see prior probabilities. There also isn’t a mechanism for reporting false positives. There should be a button: “thought I had this; didn’t”.

Thesaurus plug-in for smartphone typing

I don’t want to have to switch over to a thesaurus app! I want to be able to just select a word I’ve just typed, and see a list of synonyms that I might wish to replace it with.